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About is Your Partner in SQL Server Database Functionality

Your database is your business. If it’s running slow, if it’s riddled with errors, if it has security vulnerabilities, you need help.

We at llc can help you resolve all your SQL Server related problems.

We’ll improve your performance, tighten security and help you get to an error free and maintainable code base. is built on the principles of test-driven development, disaster recovery, and high-octane performance. Founder Sebastian Meine, Ph.D., is passionate and deeply knowledgeable about SQL Server databases in companies both large and small. has worked with small businesses and large ranging from a company with two employees to an international Fortune 50 company. We have helped clients with all database sizes ranging from a few megabytes to several terabytes. We have worked on large-scale ETL projects and developed solutions like cross-server triggers, automated backup and restore processes and even a complete unit-testing framework (tSQLt). We have designed entire database security architectures and helped clients to eliminate SQL Injection vulnerabilities in their environments.

In other words, hasn’t yet run into a SQL Server problem they couldn’t solve.

Have you tried solving your SQL Server problems and gotten stuck? You have come to the right place. We at excel at helping others get “unstuck”. Whether you have one or two developers on staff or thousands, we can help pin point your trouble and move you ahead.

If you are feeling stuck, call 832-377-5489 or email us now.

SQL Server Security

Have you been skirting the security question when building your database? Have you given everyone an all-access pass? Do you need help in developing security controls and ensuring staff only has access to what they need?

No one needs a security breach. No matter if you have invested into database security before, or if this topic is completely new to you, we can review your SQL Server Security and ensure you’re not at risk. If you are, we’ll help you to fix it.

If you are looking to secure your database, call 832-377-5489 or email us now.

Database Performance

Do you have one or even several databases that are performing sluggishly? Your queries are running slow and your staff or worse your clients sit around waiting for the database to produce answers? Your clients are leaving, tired of waiting, running for the competition.

Does this sound familiar? Are you at risk of making bad business decisions because you cant get your reports in time? Are you losing customers because of performance issues? We can help you to speed up your database.

If your SQL Servers are slow, call 832-377-5489 or email us now.

How Clean is Your Code?

Do you have defects in your code that cause data corruption or other accessibility issues? Automated unit testing with a framework like tSQLt can help you develop code with significantly fewer errors and mistakes.

Developers on average spend 20% of their time developing new code. That means 80% of their time they work on maintaining and fixing existing code. By writing your code in a readable, well structured and easily maintainable fashion, your developers can save a lot of time. Test Driven Design is a development methodology that can get you there.

Talk to us today and we will help you implement TDD and get to a maintainable and error free code base. Call 832-377-5489 or email us now to get started.

How Clean is Your Data?

Do you have data corruption caused by architecture problems, defects in your code or even a malicious act? With our expertise in data analysis we will in many cases be able restore your data to its intended state. If the information is still “in there”, we will find it and give you access.

Corruption can only get worse. Don't wait, call 832-377-5489 or email us now.


Do you have a dedicated database team? We can help your team perform at its peak by providing hands on training in SQL Server Performance, Agile Principles and Test Driven Design in SQL Server as well as SQL Server Security.

Your database is your business. Is your business running at peak efficiency? We will enable your team to get it there. Call 832-377-5489 or email us for the next steps.