A Clean, Fast and Secure Database leads to Happy Dreams.


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A security breach of a database averages costs of $188 – per affected customer record. For just 5000 customers that is almost one million USD. We help you make sure your name does not show up in the headline stories about the next data breach.


Are your reports running sluggish? Are your employees waiting for SQL Server instead of being productive? We can help you to get the most performance out of your existing SQL Servers.

Disaster Recovery

Is your data protected from disasters? Do you know your recovery point and recovery time objectives? We can help you designing a backup and restore strategy that fits you business needs and matches your budget

Database Audits

Are you dealing with PCI, PHI or general PII? Do you have to comply with HIPAA or Sarbanes Oxley? In these cases special auditing requirements apply to you. But even if this does not affect you, auditing is an important part of your security strategy. We can help you design the best auditing strategy for your business.

DBA Hiring Assistance

You are looking to hire a DBA or a Database Developer? We can help you develop appropriate requirements for your needs and then fill that position with the best candidate for you.

Data Center Move Planning

Do you need to move your database or databases to a different server or even a new datacenter halfway across the world but you cannot afford to take downtime? We can help you design and execute a seamless transition strategy without measurable impact to your customers.