Data Center Move Planning

Are you planning to move your databases to a different server, or even to a different data center? Do you have a "zero downtime" requirement, but don’t know how to guarantee minimal impact to the business? You have come to the right place.

What’s Involved in a SQL Database Move?

There are many reasons why you may need to move a database or even an entire SQL Server instance. Your financial department might be pushing the move to save money; there might be difficulties with the existing provider so the IT department feels it is in the best interests of the company to move the database. Or you might have just outgrown what you current provider can support.

No matter your reasoning, it’s a complex task not to be taken lightly. We’ve seen security fall apart and unplanned downtime wreak havoc on a business. Make sure your IT and development teams have the tools they need to make the transition a success.

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Here’s your SQL Server Database Move Checklist:

Your goal is to minimize downtime and keep security intact.

  • The first step is to determine your real needs for security. Security best practices include a physically secure space, good use of firewalls and a secure file system.
  • You also need to make sure that all accounts have the required access to the new location. Don’t take this step lightly. Getting this wrong can cause significant downtime during the database move. A security review can help determine your actual needs.
  • A move is also a good time to review your hardware requirements. Do you have enough memory? Will your CPU be able to keep up with the demand three months from now? Are you going to run out of disk space soon? We can help you answer these questions.
  • Finally and most importantly you need to plan for the actual move. Do you know all applications connecting to your database? Do you have special maintenance jobs that are acting on, or that are dependent on your database? We can help you answer those questions and get you through the transition smoothly.

If you’re not completely sure that you have all the moving parts figured out, especially if you cannot afford downtime, we can help you with the preparation and the execution of the move. We’ve worked with large-scale database installations across different industries including healthcare and online marketing installations and have successfully moved entire data centers with less than a minute of downtime.

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"Sebastian from was an integral member of the team during our last data center migration. He was responsible for architecting a resilient & redundant environment for our SQL Servers, implementing an automated backup strategy and migrating all of our SQL databases across multiple servers to a single server with virtually no downtime and no data loss. Sebastian is great to work with because of his unparalleled depth and breadth of SQL Server knowledge and he uses that knowledge to provide perfect solutions."

James Delaney, COO at DMi Partners