Introduction to Test Driven Development for SQL Server

Course Description

Our goal with this class is to help you prevent defects and make your systems easier to maintain so you can spend more time adding features and providing bigger value to your customers. The course will be hands-on; you will actually practice using TDD to write SQL code.

This one day class introduces the concepts of Test Driven Development in SQL Server.

Topics covered are:

  • The essentials of writing test cases for T-SQL programs
  • How to deal with constraints when creating test data
  • How to isolate dependencies in SQL Server
  • How to identify good test cases
  • Where TDD fits into the development cycle
  • How TDD improves quality, design and maintainability


Attendees should be able to use SQL Server Management Studio to write and execute simple Stored Procedures and Select Statements. Attendees need to bring a laptop with SQL Server (the server, not only the client tools) installed on it.

How to attend

If you would like us to teach it in your neighborhood, contact us now.