Aug 302014
Common Database Vulnerabilities:  Backup Data Exposure

Backups are a common cause for data breaches. Read on to find out, why strategies designed to protect the sensitive data within your database are often inadequate to provide the same protection within a backup.

Aug 292014
Common Database Vulnerabilities:  Inadequate Patch Management

Inadequate Patch Management can lead to security vulnerabilities in your system. Those vulnerabilities are often published and therefore easy to exploit. Discover why this happens and more importantly, how you can protect yourself and your data.

Aug 272014
Common Database Vulnerabilities:  Unprotected Network

Database network security is affected by the physical security of the network itself, but also by the security of the communication between the database server and the client. Do not make the mistake to think that network security is not your responsibility. Read on to discover the one thing you have to do now to protect the communication of your database server over the network.